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Dear Readers,

This website is to help guide you to a wealth of  of FREE information, philosophy and history about us and the American martial arts.  We also have a FREE traditional dojo referral service for quality training.

I am Professor Phillip M. Skornia, and I retired in 2012, on my 50th anniversary of continual  professional teaching  of Oriental philosophy and martial arts.  This is  my way of "giving back" to the martial arts community,  to a way of life that I love and which has been good to me,  since I started training after World War II.  

 Below is a list of our websites and the information you will find on each of them:  
All Japan Karate Dojo. com
This is our Hombu (National Headquarters site).  Our original dojo was established in 1955 and was a huge school teaching traditional martial arts.  It will give you general information and contacts for our present nonprofit dojo in South Bay, which is about ten minutes from our old, large dojo in Redondo Beach, California.  

I still have a private, small dojo in Redondo Beach for Black Belts and very committed students of traditional Karate and Aikijujitsu.  In 50 years, 50,000 students can trace their training, all or in part, to our dojo. 
Zendoryu Karate. com
This site gives you a great overview of technique and the history of Shorinji Zendo-ryu Karate & Aikijujitsu. 
Shorinji Zendo-ryu
This site goes into great detail regarding the 2000 year tradition, history, grandmasters and teachers of Prof. Skornia.  We are simply passing on what the great founders and grandmasters have taught Master Skornia.
Shorinji Zendoryu
This site delves deeply into the philosophy of our system and its direct lineage to the original Shaolin temple.  Origins are traced back to the original Chan and Taoism.
All Japan Karate
This is the official site for information about how to join the oldest karate association in the world.  Also,  rates are given for dojo and individual membership and registration of your own present rank and style(ryu).  YOU CAN BE A PART OF HISTORY!

Prices are given for private training with Grandmaster Skornia in private and semi-private lessons in Shorinji Zendo-ryu Karate, Aikijujitsu and meditation with spiritual guidance.
American Aikijujitsu
Rank and dojo registration is available. Aikijujitsu historical information is included.
Thaibo Power
A complete list with explanation of all types of kick-boxing and a description of what our certified (one-year program) instructors teach.  Contact us for information for training in South Bay, Los Angeles, California.  

Interesting note:  Did you know we were the original owners of Taebo Kick  What we teach now is "real" kick-boxing techniques, which can be used for aerobic exercise or combat.    

For books on Yoga philosophy, with masters I have studied, I recommend:  The Bhagavad Gita -  A Walkthrough for Westerners by Jack Hawley  and .  Of course,  many more books are on my book list. 

Dojo Sparring Rules:    We now have sparring rules available by postal mail.  They have been in development since 1955, and were a first template for A.A.K.F. (1963) and later for the International Traditional Karate Federation (1975) World Tournament in Los Angeles, California.  They were again used in the 1977 World Karate Championships in Japan.   Master Skornia personally attended both as an official. site and the corporation name (for 40 years)are available for purchase to a serious entity for quality American martial arts and Oriental philosophy. The school and corporation are well known and one of the oldest dojos in America since 1955. I will consider offers above $25,000 for a high quality, reliable buyer to carry on the mission of true martial arts. 

I accept mail or emails, September through June.  The headquarters is closed July and August,  when I am on my annual Zen retreat which I have not missed in 50 years. 2012 is my Golden Anniversary - 50 years of professional teaching. 

Truth Through Open-Mindedness, 
Professor Phillip M. Skornia, Ph.d. 
 Shorinji Zendo-ryu Karate
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